The One Thing You Should Have Never Lost!

Childhood is the most crucial period

Let me have a flashback to my childhood days. Childhood is the most crucial period in one’s life for one main reason; it’s the period when you build your character and attitude. I remember a time when I used to write everything in pencil, so even if I made a mistake, I had to rub it off with my rubber. It goes on to prove that I was growing, I was allowed to make as many errors as possible, so that I could learn from them. It’s a time when you have to build your character and attitude according to the environment in which you are growing or make your own, and I chose the latter. We always have a choice in our life; it’s about choosing the right one. It was a period when I had to worry about nothing; yeah, not even studies. I enjoyed life thoroughly during those times but happiness cannot be experienced best without sadness, so there was sadness too. Now I yearn for those days. Now I aspire to achieve something big without knowing the outcome. But…

But during the process of growing up, we lose an essential quality. Till 4th standard I had no forms of entertainment at my home; still, I never got bored, I enjoyed life. I started to think, what could be the reason behind it? Now I’m exposed to almost every possible gadget (and not to forget my studies) but then why do I get bored, life doesn’t seem the same as when I was a child. You may argue that it’s natural to experience changes as we grow up. Our responsibilities tend to increase as we grow; we have to worry about our future and so on. Still, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy life as we did during our childhood days. So are we missing something? Not sure about you but I was missing something. It was the reason I couldn’t enjoy and appreciate life to the utmost. Never let that one thing go away from you however old you get, that’s the heart that you had when you were a child and with it two qualities namely, enthusiasm and curiosity. Because you can never start learning and never end learning, it’s a process that will never end. And for getting the utmost from the things you do, you need enthusiasm and curiosity.

A child does things full of enthusiasm and curiosity, which we start losing when we grow. Have you ever seen a child getting bored, rarely if not never? A child will always be preoccupied with something or the other. You should watch his gleaming and curious eyes when he asks something he doesn’t know; you can feel his interest and enthusiasm. When we have these two qualities, we tend to do things with excitement and zeal, and our life becomes much more beautiful.

“Whatever you do, have enthusiasm and curiosity of a child”. – Richie Jose.